WordPress Theming

We build custom WordPress themes for our clients from Photoshop PSD design assets. 

We follow WordPress theming guidelines using templates, template tags, category pages and search results pages. Depending on the design layout, WordPress theme development often involves the creation of index.php, header.php, sidebar.php, footer.php and style.css files. 

Theming with WordPress has many benefits: 

  • Building a custom design on top of hugely popular open-source software that powers millions of websites
  • Separation of template files from system files so that core site files can stay up-to-date with future releases
  • Fast updates to the visual design
  • Functionality unique to the theme may be customized within the functions file
  • Clients who want a beautiful, custom design may still use WordPress without having to learn HTML, CSS and PHP. 

We take into account the client's business goals in theming websites with user-friendly interfaces and trackable goals within Analytics. 

Responsive, mobile-friendly layouts are a goal for any new website or redesign.