Responsive Web Design

Drupal responsive design enables the exact same website code base to be viewed seamlessly across a range of devices. Responsive is the big new web trend as mobile and tablet browsing grows in popularity. Our experts are able to produce Drupal websites that adroitly adjust to mobile devices.

We are able to achieve a responsive layout using several methodologies:

Flexible Grids: Laying out responsive web design grids produces a website that is easy for visitors to navigate. Through defining layout and image elements in a proportionate and structured way, websites are able to change responsively to a user’s screen size.
Media Queries: Media queries are well supported across modern browsers, in addition to most mobile devices. In responsive web design, a media query represents a CSS declaration set through minimum and maximum width parameters.
jQuery Adaptation: For older browsers, jQuery is a viable option for facilitating real-time browser adjustment. jQuery comes loaded within Drupal. The JavaScript library is able to test browser width in real-time, adjusting the body tag class to achieve the best screen size.
Mobile-First Theme: A responsive and mobile-first theme called Omega is available in the Drupal theme library. The HTML5/960 grid base theme boasts regions that can be disabled and resized. Omega also allows for contextual layouts, specified throughout different sections of a website.

The impact of Drupal responsive design is quite powerful:

• Optimized browsing across all mobile devices
• Optimized navigation for touch screens
• Improved page load time through removal of unnecessary elements
• Dynamic resizing and replacing of images
• Dynamic changes to block and column layouts