Drupal Theme Development

Our professional themers have HTML & CSS expertise and intimate knowledge of the architecture behind Drupal’s theming system. We can adroitly turn any Photoshop webpage mockup into an expertly crafted Drupal theme. As we produce high-end designs, we must be particularly adept at theming.

Through manipulating template files, adjusting the template.php function, selectively overriding core templates and expert styling with CSS, our team members turn any design into a standards-compliant Drupal theme.

Custom themes include Drupal ecommerce themes and Drupal responsive themes. Our themes are built to maximize administrator control over the content and to maintain the extensibility of the Drupal site. Core and module upgrades do not affect any of the design elements as all graphics assets are kept within the theme folder.

Our Drupal theme development services may include any of the following:

• Creation of a new theme from Photoshop PSD files (responsive & ecommerce)
• Creation of a new theme from HTML & CSS files
• Upgrading an existing theme to reflect new designs
• Upgrading an existing theme to become responsive
• Migration of Wordpress theme to Drupal theme
• Migration of Joomla theme to Drupal theme

We are able to migrate any third-party webpage design, in addition to Wordpress and Joomla, to a Drupal theme.

We follow best practices for Drupal theme development. A few of the principles informing our work include the following:

• Overriding files with custom versions (not touching the originals)
• Copying files and modifying the copies
• Overriding Drupal theme functions
• Using the preprocess functions properly
• Placing all theme files within the sites/all/themes directory

Our custom themes output valid, standards-based code that is search-engine-friendly and cross-browser compatible.