Drupal Module Development

It’s critical to hire an experienced development team when building a new Drupal module from scratch. While most websites will not need custom module development, some highly customized installations may require custom Drupal module development.

Before starting on a custom Drupal 7 module, our professional recommendation is to first carefully consider whether a solution can be engineered through either an existing supported module or collection of modules. However, situations may arise when custom module development is the only way to achieve a functional requirement.

New modules must follow development standards consistent with PHP programming techniques and proper integration with Drupal core. It is critical that developers engaging in new Drupal module development have expertise with the Drupal framework; PHP knowledge alone is not sufficient. A poorly written module will permanently compromise the integrity of a website and harm its ability to benefit from core upgrades.

Drupal development tools are helpful when performing module development. Drush is used for pushing updates to the server and the Devel module is used for key functions involving variable manipulation and database queries.

Drupal 7 module development is made possible through:

• Leveraging Drupal’s flexible hook architecture to trigger function calls
• Leveraging Drupal APIs & Views APIs
• Insertion and extraction of data using Drupal core's database abstraction layer

All module files should be located in a new folder within the sites/all/modules/custom directory.

New modules absolutely must work fluidly with Drupal core and common modules. With any new module, we hook into Drupal in a way that preserves the integrity of core for future upgrades.