Drupal Mobile Website

Drupal mobile website development has kept pace with the rapid expansion of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. Creating a custom experience of your website on mobile devices is increasingly becoming a core part of client's digital marketing campaigns.

Building mobile websites with Drupal is an exciting process. Developers must be mindful of key areas of extensibility as well as certain limitations. A number of elements should be taken into account like device detection and content adaption capabilities.

Mobile Theming: We aim to create a practical mobile theme based off the existing website’s CSS and design elements. When building for mobile with jQuery, themes may consist of a single CSS file with a basic theme definition.

Structured Markup: The best Drupal mobile websites are supported with adaptable content and compressed content; powered by well-structured, meaningful markup. Here are some elements which contribute to creating a lightweight website for mobile:

• Javascript and Media Query application
• Image adaptation [from larger to smaller width and height attributes]
• Content Compression to preserve bandwidth

The main focus is delivering an optimized and lightweight experience for mobile visitors.