Drupal Migration

It’s critical to ensure the integrity of your data is protected and maintained as you migrate to a new Drupal website.

We work closely with your team to create a content migration strategy that ensures all of your data is transitioned in an optimal fashion. Your content is essential to your company’s messaging and marketing; lost content will damage your online rankings and should not be tolerated with any launch.

Wordpress to Drupal migrations are fairly common, as are Drupal to Wordpress conversions. We complete both sets of migrations:

  • Wordpress to Drupal Migrations
  • Drupal to Wordpress Migrations

Drupal data migration plans must be customized to your business needs; it’s a process that cannot be automated but requires close consultation with business stakeholders.

We begin the data migration process with a detailed assessment of your existing legacy system. We list out the various content categories and create a proposal to map out each category to a new counterpart in the new framework. We then work closely with your team to tweak and adjust this content migration plan until it satisfies the requirements of relevant business stakeholders.

Once this written assessment is complete and approved, we then setup a temporary transitional website on our development server to store your new data. On this transitional website, we ensure your legacy data will properly fit into the Drupal framework’s newly created content types. A member of our team will go through each webpage on your legacy site and confirm each piece of content has been included. The architecture of this transitional site will also lay out the content in a SEO-friendly fashion.

Once the transitional site includes all of your legacy data, we now have a trustworthy and comprehensive database upon which to update your live site.

Website migration is never an enjoyable process for any company. But you will gain relief in knowing that you have a team of trusted Drupal migration experts behind you - assessing your site, mapping content, setting up a transitional site, creating a comprehensive transitional database and methodically taking the new website live.