Drupal Development

Our Drupal development services include the following:

• Module Development
• Customizing Existing Modules
• Front-End Theming
• Back-End Customization & Configuration Setup
• Migration of Existing Sites to Drupal
• 3rd Party Integrations
• Translation and Multilingual
• Integrated Site Search
• Quality Assurance Testing
• Website Performance Optimization
• Ongoing Drupal Maintenance

Within the Drupal framework, we are able to build any of the following:

• Corporate Website
• E-Commerce Website
• Resource Directory
• Digital Publication
• Social Networking or Community Site
• Web-Based Application
• Corporate Intranet

The power of Drupal is not even limited to the above list; any type of custom development project can be achieved within the Drupal framework. The creative possibilities are only limited by the imagination of its creators.

As Drupal development professionals, we assess your digital needs and recommend the best business solution to achieve your functional requirements.

We consult with you on configuration settings, node breakdown and whether to use existing modules or build new ones from scratch. We identify the optimal arrangement of modules that will achieve your functionality requirements while ensuring your code base can be maintained and updated over time.

We work with the latest version of Drupal and up-to-date modules. When you develop with Drupal, you are not just receiving a web solution; you are receiving a web solution based on the latest and greatest web development technology.

Proper Drupal development should build on the strengths of the Drupal framework. To do so, it should follow some important best practices:

Be Standards-Compliant: The Drupal development community goes to great lengths to keep core compliant with W3C web standards. New Drupal development should maintain this compliance as a good best practice and for optimal cross-browser compatibility.

Maintain Extensibility: New functionality should never be achieved by modifying core but instead through new module development. This approach ensures websites stay extensible and benefit from security and performance enhancements to Drupal core.

Contain Clean Code & Minimalist Footprint: New features should not be over engineered but achieved in the most lightweight fashion possible. This approach keeps websites running at optimal performance.

Be Search-Engine-Friendly: The raw output of rendered pages is search-engine-friendly HTML. Module development and theming must maintain the search-engine-friendly nature of Drupal’s framework to keep our clients in the strongest position possible to rank for keywords.

We build on these strengths through developing Drupal configurations that achieve our client’s functionality requirements in the most efficient way possible. Developing in a lightweight fashion ensures our client’s websites operate at optimal performance. And our modules are written in a way that seamlessly integrates into Drupal core’s hook system.

Wherever possible, we avoid proprietary solutions and keep our client’s websites open-source; this approach ensures that our clients benefit from updated versions of core and modules.

The beauty of Drupal lies in its flexibility and extensibility. Drupal development should stay extensible with clean standards-compliant code and a secure, scalable code base that can grow with our client’s businesses.