Creative Design

Like any good web framework, Drupal includes a distinct separation between form and function. The content and the design are intentionally kept separate.

This model is advantageous as it enables designers to have creative freedom when designing websites. Through its advanced theming system, any front-end design can be integrated into the Drupal framework.

For this reason, our creative work follows web design best practices and is irrespective of any Drupal-oriented guidelines. We stay on top of the web design industry and follow new design trends. It's exciting for us to bring the highest quality design work to the Drupal framework.

Our Drupal web design goals for any client engagement include:

• Creating a compelling creative direction and style guide
• Capturing that special sauce of what makes the client’s brand unique
• Differentiating the client’s brand from the competition in a meaningful way
• Ensuring an intuitive user interface around primary business goals
• Ensuring a consistent design aesthetic across digital and print collateral

The website design should reinforce the client’s brand as it is a critical element of the company’s marketing. It should evoke an emotion for how clients connect with their customers. In many respects, design has become more important than the underlying technology, as consumers identify with design in a deep way. High-quality design that represents a brand in an authentic and compelling way lies at the heart of marketing.

For sites with deep hierarchies of content, showcasing the elements of each content type should be done in a minimalist and elegant fashion. Users do not like to read through long lists of content online. No matter the depth or length of content, modern presentation design is needed. This point is especially true with Drupal where sites are often quite content heavy.

Here are some further web design standards we follow:

• Cross-Browser Compatibility
• jQuery Animation (not Flash)
• Mobile-Friendly
• Responsive Design that Degrades to Lowest Common Denominator