One Stop Drupal Shop

I learned about Drupal when I was building my first website. I researched all the major CMS frameworks - WordPress, Drupal, Joomla. Eventually, I decided on Drupal as I concluded it is the most powerful and flexible long-term framework. 

I am completely confident recommending this framework to clients, especially for content-based websites. 

At the same time, the more I have learned in the digital space, the more I see the importance of messaging and marketing. While the software serves as a helpful foundation, it's critically important that organizations use messaging that is customer-focused and speaks to their audience in a powerful way. 

On the web skills end, I am largely self-taught - I read a number of coding books, participated in a front-end Bootcamp in NYC and subscribe to Drupalize training video series.  I have attended DrupalCon in LA and attend Drupal Meetups in New York City and the Bay Area. I am a Drupal Association Individual Member. 

I am also on Upwork. You may find my Upwork Profile here.