Wordpress to Drupal Migration

We offer Wordpress to Drupal migration services. Clients often look to convert Wordpress to Drupal. Such migrations are fairly common, so clients shouldn't be worried about embarking on such a migration.

Drupal even offers a Wordpress Migrate module which enables the import of Wordpress posts, pages, comments, attachments, tags and categories (into what would be their Drupal equivalents). Custom theme development of nodes from the Wordpress import may be required.  Moreover, in Wordpress, terms form a taxonomy and are called 'categories,' while Drupal uses the 'vocabulary' label for such keywords. 

Many Wordpress modules map to existing Drupal modules which simplifies the process of defining functionality requirements. After the Project Scope is finalized with the client, we proceed with standard Drupal development steps: creation of a custom theme, setup of staging and development server environments, migration of content, and module/back-end development. 

Both Wordpress and Drupal are open-source and built on the PHP Programming language, so they share some foundational similarities. The CMS systems are architected differently, with unique theming systems, and so custom development is to be expected. But, such migrations are common and can absolutely be completed in a professional manner.