#Mobilegeddon: Google's Mobile-Friendly Update & Drupal

As of today, April 21, 2015, Google is rolling out a mobile-friendly update. In short, mobile-friendly webpages are boosted in the search-engine-results for mobile searches. Websites not optimized for mobile may face reduced rankings. 

Google's official announcement is here. Google also created this resource center on mobile-friendly websites.

According to Google, after your site becomes mobile-friendly, their robot automatically re-processes your webpages. Reprocessing includes crawling and indexing your website. Webmasters may also expedite the process through the 'Fetch as Google with Submit to Index' function within Google Webmaster Tools.


Google offers this helpful tool you can use to determine if your website has a mobile-friendly design: 



Popular mobile-friendly Drupal themes Include: 

  • Zen
  • Bootstrap
  • FontFolio
  • Fusion
  • Responsive Blog


Depending on your website build, custom theme development may be required to make your website mobile-friendly and pass Google's test. Custom theme development for mobile often includes  CSS  and manipulation of theme template files. The best Drupal mobile websites include adaptable content and compressed content, with well-structured, meaningful markup. jQuery is a good option for facilitating real-time browser adjustment as it comes loaded within Drupal. Images should naturally degrade to more narrow width attributes. Delivering an optimized, lightweight experience for mobile visitors without heavy files is key. 

If you are just starting from scratch, you will want a responsive web design combined with a Drupal mobile website.


A Few of Our Mobile-Friendly, Responsive Websites Include:

  • Social Media Today
  • Copia Class


More Helpful Press around the web on Google's Mobile update: 

  • 'Mobilegeddon' could be bad news for 40% of top websites (USA Today)
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  • Google Adds 'Mobile Friendliness' to its Search Criteria (The New York Times)