Why Drupal

Why Drupal

Deciding to develop on Drupal may be one of the best business decisions you make. Why Drupal? Many reasons.


Drupal is Trusted Globally

From The Economist to MIT to the White House, Drupal is the trusted platform of choice for a diverse array of global companies, organizations and institutions. Over 900,000 installations of Drupal exist worldwide.

Drupal is Modular

With over 19,000 prebuilt modules, adding new features to your website is quick and easy. Avoid reinventing the wheel when you want a new feature and save valuable development time.

Drupal is SEO-Friendly

Drupal is ranked among the most search-engine-friendly frameworks available. It provides administrators with granular control over title tags, URL structure, sitemaps and more.

Drupal is Standards-Compliant

Drupal renders W3C-validated, standards-compliant HTML. Compliance helps with cross-browser compatibility and ensures websites are more easily indexed by search engines.

Drupal is Open Source

As an open source technology, Drupal is completely free and carries no licensing fees. And the same goes for the majority of its modules and themes. Life is good :)

Drupal is Versatile

Whether you are building a corporate website, e-commerce store, social networking website, digital publication or corporate intranet, Drupal can do it all.

A Large Community Supports Drupal

Over 22,000 developers and 600,000 user accounts are registered on Drupal.org. A talented and passionate community of developers worldwide support Drupal.

Drupal is Lightweight

Drupal's code base carries a lightweight footprint which means that web pages load faster and sites operate at peak performance.

Drupal Scales

From Fast Company to The Onion to Mother Jones, Drupal powers websites with some of the highest daily traffic.

Drupal is Secure

Drupal is one of the most popular solutions for government websites due to its security prowess. It contains many key security features including user authentication, access control and a robust permission system.

Drupal is Stable

On its 7th major release, and approaching its 8th, Drupal is a stable and mature platform that has been heavily tested across server environments.

Drupal is Easy to Use

Drupal is simple for administrators to learn. Anyone with basic computer skills can quickly add new webpages, update content or adjust configuration settings.

Drupal is Design Friendly

Drupal separates form from function through an intelligently architected theming system. The Drupal framework can support any creative design and user interface.

Drupal is Cutting Edge

Evangelists are continually pushing Drupal to the limits of what’s possible. Each upgrade means a more secure, robust, scalable code base that includes the latest and greatest in web development technology.

The List Goes On...

From 500+ prebuilt distributions, to terrific multi-language support, to fluid integration with third-party services, the list of reasons to love Drupal just keeps going on!