Hiring a Drupal Development Company

Hiring a Drupal Development Company

Hiring a Drupal development company to handle your digital needs is an important business decision.

On a high level, a number of factors may naturally play into your decision:

• Expertise customizing the Drupal framework
• Track record of successfully launching a wide range of Drupal installations
• Contributions back to the Drupal community
• Raw technical expertise in Drupal, PHP, MySQL and JavaScript

Full service Drupal development companies will strategize and execute from inception to completion. They will walk a client through the entire process from wireframes, to visual designs, to staging, development and production deployments. Comprehensive quality-assurance and use case testing is a must.

The end goal of any engagement is to deliver a high-quality, scalable and secure digital platform that accomplishes the client’s business objectives.

Technical expertise in the following areas must be demonstrated:

• Drupal 7 Core
• PHP 5
• JavaScript & jQuery
• Advanced Theming & CSS 3
• Custom Module Development
• Flexible Site Configurations
• Customizing API using PHP
• Caching and Performance Optimization

Detailed screenings of potential firms may be conducted to find a suitable match. References might be requested as part of this due diligence. Testimonials should be reviewed.

Beyond technical prowess, an important consideration is a service provider’s ability to ‘build with business in mind.’ Technical expertise will only bring value to a client insofar as it can drive business goals.

Business objectives for any client engagement might be any of the following:

• Solving business challenges and resolving internal pain points
• Optimizing key conversions through careful attention to user interface
• Creating administrative controls for internal team members
• Reducing operational costs and overhead

Development firms should bring to the table a combination of creative intelligence, technical expertise and business acumen. Finally, a heightened design sensibility will also be important when it comes to digital branding and user interface optimization.