ForCom Case Study

ForCom Case Study


DrupalNerd brought ForCom to become one of the top social-networking websites in it’s space based on traffic, membership and user activity.

ForCom presently boasts the following achievements:

o 40,000+ Pageviews per month
o 12,000+ Unique Visitors per month
o 500+ Keywords on Page 1 of Google
o 600+ Users

We brought the website from conception of an idea to arguably the top player in its space.

Services performed included the following:

o Product Requirements
o Wireframes
o Website Design
o Website Development
o Drupal Content-Management-System
o Search-Engine-Optimization
o Social-Media-Marketing
o Email Marketing

The website experienced multiple design upgrades to create a captivating and memorable connection with visitors and distinguish it widely from the competition.

The beautiful, captivating design and elaborate customized features were developed entirely on a Drupal back-end framework that is flexible, modular and can grow with the website. As technology evolves and Drupal improves over time, ForCom will enjoy the benefits through straightforward upgrades.

A number of critical features led to exponential traffic growth and high visitor return rates:

o Showcasing tournament results from across the country.
o Providing speech competitors with recommended piece selections.
o Displaying performance videos aggregated across the web.
o Providing teams with the ability to showcase team accomplishments.
o Hundreds of informative articles on how to excel in every category.

Following the implementation of these critical features, DrupalNerd performed a comprehensive SEO campaign that included the following major components:

o Title tag optimization
o Clean and search-engine-optimized URLs
o Navigational layout that matches URL structure
o Sitemap Creation and submission of XML Sitemap to Webmaster
o Hundreds of helpful, informative articles optimized for critical keywords

Including long-tail keywords, an astonishing 4,846 unique keywords are presently driving traffic to the website straight from Google searches. In total, over 75% of the traffic arrives from search-engines.

To complement SEO, DrupalNerd drove further referral traffic through a focused social-media-marketing campaign. Tweeting of tournament results would become a significant driver of traffic, as ForCom’s twitter account swelled to 177 followers. We aggregated forensics performance videos across the web in a useful Youtube channel that would become a hotbed of user activity and over 3,500 channel views.

It’s worth mentioning that top Nationals Finalists and some of the most recognized performers across the country have joined ForCom to interact in the community. One example is 2010 Illinois Poetry State Champion Eric Sequeira who joined ForCom and shares his accomplishments on the site.

Careful evaluation of web analytics and user-behavior led us to make optimal recommendations to further increase user activity and accelerate traffic growth.

In the past month, from November to December of 2012, ForCom received 15,640 visits, 12,537 unique visitors and 41,988 pageviews.

Through a memorable, modern user-friendly design, the right features, and a shrewd online-marketing campaign, the web property enjoys growing traffic and increasing user-activity. With the visitors primarily arriving from organic search-engine traffic and social-media-marketing, ForCom continues to grow at zero ongoing marketing expenditure.

Update: As of April 2013, ForCom is now an official Blue Drop Awards Finalist for Best Social Website!